Mental Health is Exhausting: A Short Rant

I am fed up. I am fed up with the fact that everything I do in my day is a an exercise to make sure I keep me safe. I am fed up with having to do things all the time to avoid what may trigger a breakdown. I can't have a lie in without… Continue reading Mental Health is Exhausting: A Short Rant

A Poetic Apology to My Sister

I was there, On the worst night of your life. I picked you up, After speeding through small roads With tears blurring my vision. // I was there, When you called me on the worst night of your life. You couldn’t talk through the sobs; Your friend had to explain what happened; I had to… Continue reading A Poetic Apology to My Sister

The Monster who Loved

I find it very difficult to explain to people how I experience BPD. With a huge stigma surrounding the sparsely-talked-about condition, finding the right explanation has proved very difficult, especially when trying to inform a person who doesn't understand mental health problems. So here it is, presented in a tale-as-old-as-time. In this story, there are… Continue reading The Monster who Loved

Living With a Disordered Mind.

I've always used writing as a way to express what I feel, alongside other formats such as photography. I feel that for me, writing words down is like drawing on paper what you see in your mind but can't express with your tongue. I think the worst thing about having a broken mind (and yes,… Continue reading Living With a Disordered Mind.

A Poem to a Younger Self

Dear innocence, You are not alone. In your darkest of nights, And lightest of lights, You will always find a home. // Dear innocence, Be strong now my dear, Do not fear the shadows, For while they are ominous, You are courageous // Dear innocence, Stay a little while longer, And stop worrying about other… Continue reading A Poem to a Younger Self

Letting People In…

I have just about recovered from shaky hands and the hurricane in my stomach known more formally as anxiety. I took a big step just now. I opened up to my housemates about the way I experience mental health and illness. They've known for the last year and a half that I go through things,… Continue reading Letting People In…