Mental Health is Exhausting: A Short Rant

I am fed up. I am fed up with the fact that everything I do in my day is a an exercise to make sure I keep me safe. I am fed up with having to do things all the time to avoid what may trigger a breakdown. I can't have a lie in without… Continue reading Mental Health is Exhausting: A Short Rant

Cooking and my Mental Health

As I lie in my bed about to write about how much I like to cook and how it aids my mental health, I must remind myself that when I am unwell, cooking is a chore and a real effort. This is not a post to say that cooking and making meals is easy, or… Continue reading Cooking and my Mental Health

BPD is Subtle

She is incredibly subtle. She takes ordinary thoughts, and through small playback loops, makes me believe they're more important than they are. If they're in the forefront of my mind then they must be important. They must have significance. Wait. No. It's just her. She takes ordinary tasks and, through distraction and manipulation, makes me… Continue reading BPD is Subtle

The Monster who Loved

I find it very difficult to explain to people how I experience BPD. With a huge stigma surrounding the sparsely-talked-about condition, finding the right explanation has proved very difficult, especially when trying to inform a person who doesn't understand mental health problems. So here it is, presented in a tale-as-old-as-time. In this story, there are… Continue reading The Monster who Loved

Living With a Disordered Mind.

I've always used writing as a way to express what I feel, alongside other formats such as photography. I feel that for me, writing words down is like drawing on paper what you see in your mind but can't express with your tongue. I think the worst thing about having a broken mind (and yes,… Continue reading Living With a Disordered Mind.