An Open Letter to My Love

To My Dear,

You will currently be sat in your car, listening to Hamilton on your final journey home from the last three years (I hope, by the way, that the drive is not too arduous).

I am so proud of you. So proud of what you have achieved, what you continue to achieve and beyond any doubt, I know I will be proud of what you will come to achieve. I know these last few weeks have been tough, I know last summer was tough, I know Christmas 2 years ago was tough (I will let the list continue in your head) but we’ve been through it and we’ve got through it. We will do so again. I know it.

University has taught me many things but meeting you taught me many more. When you met me I truly believed that I was unlovable. People always seemed to have difficulty with getting close to me, people always pulled away. You helped me to realise that I was, in part, to fault. My mental health drove my behaviour so strongly that I could not control my own body, mouth or mind, but you supported me with all attempts to rectify it, through a dreadful medicated phase to therapy where I learnt many things about myself, my mental health and how I could finally begin to control it. You’ve helped me through difficulties I faced with food, right through when I was eating the bare minimum to todays assessment result letting me know I do in fact suffer hypochondria.

You have been patient. You have been loving. You have been perfect.

And so now, on your drive home, while I stay at University for a couple more days, I feel University is officially over. You helped to make University the biggest adventure I’ve had so far and with you leaving it behind, it has also ended for me. I couldn’t be more grateful for having met you on the 30th March 2017.

Now begins the rest of our lives.

I love you with my whole self.



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