A Poetic Apology to My Sister

I was there,

On the worst night of your life.

I picked you up,

After speeding through small roads

With tears blurring my vision.


I was there,

When you called me on the worst night of your life.

You couldn’t talk through the sobs;

Your friend had to explain what happened;

I had to keep my heart beating.


I was there,

At the scene of the crime,

Trying to find you.

When your friends said they couldn’t find you,

I was so scared.


I found you.

And I held you.

So tightly,

So tightly

I felt your lungs expanding rapidly;

I felt your tears on my shoulder

And I held you tighter.


I felt your skin,

Smelled your hair,

Knowing that I could never give you back

What you had stolen from you.

I couldn’t help,

I couldn’t do anything.

So I just held you closer.


I remember feeling

Like I’d let you down.

I hadn’t protected you.

Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do

As the older sibling?

I’d let you down

Because you had seen

What the world can be like

Far too young.

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